Whichever way we look at the iPhone 5, it’s simply an amazing piece of gadget. It’s powerful, fun, trendy and packed with features. The one downside that comes with these powerful smartphones is the heavy battery consumption. As for the iPhone 5 in particular; as soon as it hits the 30% mark, it seems to sprint to 0% – giving Usain Bolt a good run for his money. The good news however is the battery life on the iPhone 5 can be improved. A few simple tweaks and changes on the iPhone settings will help save some of the iPhone’s all important battery juice before needing another charge. Below we’ve listed up to 10 tips to help save on some of the unnecessary power consumption so that iPhone 5’s charge lasts longer.

iPhone 5 Battery

Improve the iPhone 5 Battery Life in 10 Simple Steps

1. Sure we all love our Bluetooth headsets. And running that radio signal all day long takes its toll on the battery. When you are not actively using it head to Settings – Bluetooth – and move the Slider to Off.

2. Your iPhone has a ambient light sensor sensor. By heading to Settings – Brightness and Wallpaper – Auto Brightness On your iPhone will use less power in lower lighting conditions as well as being easier on your eyes.

3. Certainly Wi-Fi is faster then 3G however it is only available to you when there is a hotspot such as the coffee shop. Searching for a Wi-Fi signal puts a heavy strain on the battery. Head to Settings-Wi-Fi-Slide Off to save your juice.

4. Your GPS services may help you out with your iPhone 5 insurance if your device is lost. And if you are not using the Location Services you’re eating up the battery reserves. Head to Settings – Privacy – Location Services – and slide Off.

5. Turn off data pushing to lower the number of times your iPhone is connecting to the network. Just check your email periodically manually. Discover Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendar – Fetch New Data – Slide Off.

6. Sleep faster with auto-lock. This reduces the power for running the screen and or other services. Cranking on down to a couple minutes in Settings-General-Auto Tap A preference.

7. Your iPod app has that great feature known as the Equalizer. And it too requires power. To squeeze more battery life, go to Settings-Music-EQ and tap Off.

8. Temper your video. Movies and browsing the web require a lot of flinging around electrons. Especially video. To conserve battery power, consider the idea that just because you can, doesn’t make it a great idea.

9. Related to Number two, reduce your screen brightness. Sure the LEDs are efficient. And look at how thin the battery is. Go to Settings-Brightness & Wallpaper.

10. If you don’t need the best audio quality and fastest data consider going ‘old school’ by turning off 3G or LTE. Your battery will last a lot longer and you can turn it on when you must have it. Settings-General-Cellular-Enable LTE slide to Off.

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