Every device and most programs have hidden features, sometimes called Easter Eggs. Sometimes these just do something wackily. Sometime they are actually useful shortcuts that the maker didn’t see fit to include in the user manual (which you never read anyway). This includes the iPad. Apple includes an instruction manual, but the entire list of shortcuts and tricks is far more than the company was willing to put into a single book.


10 Handy iPad Tricks, Tips & Shortcuts To Boost Its Productivity.


Four clicks on any text than can be edited is the cut, copy and paste sequence. Highlight, cut or copy and move the cursor to paste it down.

Quick Mute

Hit the volume button and hold it down for two seconds. The sound is muted and stays that way until you unmute it the same way.

Rapid scrolling

Get done reading a post, a webpage or something similar. Click the title panel and you’re jumped to the top of the page.


Rather than open all your emails, get a five-line preview. Go into Settings. Then Email. The Contact Persons and Address Book. Change the Preview option and you now get a quick look at your incoming emails.


Click “My location” in a map program. Your iPad will deliver a compass. Whether or not you can actually use the compass to navigate is an entirely different matter.

Website name

Having to input .org, .net, .nextdomaintocomeout is a real pain? Seriously, that period and two-three letters takes soooooo long to type. Press the “.com” button and hold it down to get some pre-installed options that take as long to load as actually typing the domain.

Going Home

Don’t close the app. Hold the home key down for five second and the Home Screen comes up, laving the app active in the background.

Force Close

Sometimes, that app will just not shut down. You’re the boss. Make it do what you want. Press the Sleep button until this message comes up: “to shut it down by removing the slider.”

Release the button. Press the Home button for 5 seconds. The app gets body-slammed back to where it belongs. You go back to the home screen.

Sound control

Playing music whle doing anything else? If the second app has sound, you can adjust the tune volume without affecting the app volume. YES!

Press the Home button twice. A menu comes up to let you make sound adjustments as you see fit.

Virtual and external keyboards

Click the outlay keyboard to bring up a virtual one. Work on both at the same time if you need to.

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