Futuristic gadgets have been appearing in films for decades, some more believable than others. When the Matrix hit our screens and Neo activated the spring loaded cover on his mobile phone everyone saw a little glimpse into the future, and what a beautiful one it was too. It wasn’t long before the fictional gadget became a reality and many more have followed in its footsteps. 20 years ago Google Glass was something that was reserved only for the crew of Star Trek and a few decades ago the concept of touch screen devices were simply the product of film maker’s imagination.

Take this into account and then is it really so inconceivable that the next generation of gadgetry could resemble some of the wonders we see on the big screen?  Chances are that most of the gadgets listed below will never become a reality, especially in our lifetime… but we can dream.




Here are 10 of our favourite movie gadgets that we wished existed right now:


1. The Neuralyzer



Remember the scene in Men in Black when they use the Neuralyzer to erase the memories of their target and replace them with new ones? If you don’t, maybe you had your memory wiped. The Men in Black used it to erase ultra important sensitive information; we would simply use it to pretend the bad dancing at the Christmas party never ever happened.


2. Time control remote control




Adam Sandler used a Time control remote control in Click and was able to instantaneously  fast forward time. Genius! If we had one of these we could pause time when there is too much to do in a working day or fast-forward through that sleep inducing meeting.  There may have been a valuable lesson in Click, something about not messing with time travel?  Apparently that didn’t put us off too much. If this existed, we would still use it.


3. Invisibility device



We don’t really mind what format our invisibility making device comes in. Harry Potter had a cloak, the Hobbit had a ring and James bond had a car. The concept of an invisible car however is probably the one that we are closest to achieving. Thanks to the logical theory that James Bond; Die Another Day provided (something about using a car covered in cameras?) Technological geniuses are working hard to make this one a reality. You can read more here. On this basis, it could be just a few years before we are cruising to work in a see through car.


4. Cloning machine


Clone machine


There are always times when we wish we had two pairs of hands, or could be in two places at once, so imagine how much easier life would be if we could clone ourselves, temporarily of course. The clean up after that big party would be a bit easier with two of you and the option to send the cloned version to run errands while we sit and enjoy Breaking Bad sounds way too good to be true. There may be some serious ethical issues around cloning humans, and we can’t really see it happening, at least not for the purposes above. Scientists did once clone a sheep though, so there may be hope yet.


 5. Point of View Gun

Point of veiw gun


Now this is one gadget that would surely make anyone’s Christmas list! The point of view gun used in The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is a device that can be pointed at someone and instantly make them see your point of view. The ability to own one of these would change the future of arguments forever. No more trying in vain to explain that your way is of course the right way, and that everyone else is simply wrong. You could just point the gun and suddenly everyone agrees with you.


6. Teleporter




So we may have seen some rather shady explanations of how the Teleporter is ‘supposed’ to work in our time and I can’t imagine Google inventing this gadget any time in the near future but we can dream. Used by Captain Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek crew, the teleporter could be used to transport you from one location to any other in the galaxy. Holidays would be so much easier without the lengthy airport delays and flights, and getting to work would be a doddle. Plus it would save us so much time. The extra hour we save not doing our daily commute could then be used for important things, such us working out how to invent the hover board.


7. Hover Board



Back to the future II promised us Hover Boards by 2015, that’s totally achievable right? It’s not like we are asking to fly 100 feet in the air, just to hover a little. This is one movie gadget that could actually become a reality. Funding has begun in the US, with two years to go only time will tell. Unless they invent a Time Machine! To find out more about how the Hover Board could actually exist in a couple of years time, click here.


8. The Helicopter Hat


Fly Hat


Oh how we would love to raid the wardrobe of Inspector Gadget. We would go straight for the helicopter hat and all would be well. Not only would we be able to fly around to our hearts content (hopefully avoiding serious neck injury) but we would also be able to shout ‘Go, go Gadget hat’ without looking like a crazy person.


9. Flying Car


Flying Car

It doesn’t even have to be a car, we would settle for anything that can transport us through the air (that is more easily accessible than an airplane of course). Movie flying machines have come in all shapes and sizes over the years, Cars, broomsticks and bicycles, but whatever the shape or form they look like they would make that morning commute a whole lot more pleasant.  For now though, a flying car would surface.


10. Time Machine



There is little doubt that this has to be the all time favourite gadget. It’s pretty far fetched, but oh so awesome. The Time Machine has come in a few shapes and sizes over the years of cinema magic, but our favourite has to remain the DeLorean from Back to the Future. The DeLorean exists, it actually tours the country, but it doesn’t actually allow you to travel back in time. One day though perhaps.

So here is hopeing for a promising future of gadgetry. Protect Your Bubble won’t exactly be poised on the edge of our seats ready to insure time machines, for now we will have to stick to insuring all your other gadgets. The plus side is however with Gadget Insurance starting from only £1.49 per month, you may have some spare cash for NetFlix, so you can watch the movie gadgets to your hearts content.

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