Flowers and chocolates are the obvious choice for Mother’s Day, but there are plenty of other things you could do to put a smile on your mum’s face this Sunday. If you fancy doing something a bit different or are just short on a bit of cash then below are 10 alternative and cost effective Mother’s Day Gift ideas.

Mothers day


1. Do something that needs doing


Chances are there is something around the house that needs doing, whether that’s a garden chore or something that needs organising. If your mum had a ‘to do list’ of things that she hasn’t got round to then why not pick a task or chore and get it done. This one can’t fail to get you some praise and best of all it’s free!

2. Make a homemade meal


If you can manage to cook more than beans on toast then a home cooked meal won’t fail to impress. Restaurants tend to charge more and get crowded on Mothering Sunday, so you can save yourself some pennies by staying in and cooking. Make sure you have mum’s favourite drink to hand and provide table service throughout the meal so she doesn’t have to lift a finger. Instant win!


3. Get crafty


If you are short on cash then this is a great idea, plus you’ll be able to make a gift that is really unique. Perhaps you could use some old family photos and put them in a homemade scrap book or give an old photo frame a makeover. Charity shops are a great place to pick up things that you can get crafty with. There are plenty of website and Pintrest pages dedicated to crafty ideas, so you won’t be short on inspiration.


4. Bake or make something


There are loads of recipes online showing you how to make homemade cakes, jams or chutneys. Baking or making something and recycling an old jar or container to make it look nice will make a perfect gift. If you’ve got some old ingredients lying around then this can be particularly cost effective too.


5. Choose an experience


There are some great websites around such as and that offer a wide range of experiences at a discounted rate. You’ll find anything from a spa day to a racing car experience, so there will be loads to choose from. For extra bonus points, choose something that you and mum can do together and enjoy some family time.


6. Let Mum treat herself


This won’t work so well if your mum likes thoughtful, chosen gifts. If, however she is always short of cash and hardly ever treats herself then this could be a winner. Find out mum’s favourite clothing shop or somewhere she can treat herself to a new perfume or lipstick and get some gift vouchers. Explain the thought behind the gift and tell mum to treat herself – she deserves it.


7. Get her subscribed


A magazine or film subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. If you notice that mum always buys the same magazine then why not treat her to an annual subscription so she can enjoy it throughout the year. If she is a film buff then a subscription to Netflix will allow mum to stream her favourite films whenever she likes, and it will only cost you as little as £5.99 a month until you cancel.


8. Download mum’s favourite tunes


Remember back in the day when a mixed tape says you care? Well nowadays filling an iPod with a bunch of your mum’s favourite tunes says the same thing. Even better, if mum doesn’t own an iPod and you’ve got an old one lying around, you can recycle an old gift by downloading a few songs. If the iPod idea doesn’t suit then a good old fashioned CD will do the same trick.


9. Make a charitable donation


This isn’t the perfect choice for every mum, but if yours is the ‘I have everything I need and more’ kind then giving a donation on her behalf could earn you some brownie points and help out a good cause. If mum is an animal lover then there are plenty of furry creatures in need that you can sponsor and mum will get the pleasure of the updates and photos that come with many. Perhaps you could pick a charity that means something to your family.


10. Organise some family time


If you or your siblings are away at university or living away from home then quality family time can be hard. How about making an effort to get all of you in the same place at the same time? You could arrange a surprise visit on Mothering Sunday and take the stress out of it by asking everyone to eat before they arrive or bring a dish. Forget going to mum’s for the free food, go for the company!


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