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  1. Top tips to keep your pet safe this winter!

    Simple tricks to keep your pets safe this winter!

    doggy in Snow


    Around this time of year when all the leaves have fallen from the trees and the temperature has significantly dropped the rise in visits to the vet and pet claims goes up. We’ve pulled together a few very simple tips to help you keep your furry friends safe this winter.

    Believe it or not despite their fur coats dogs & cats both suffer from hyperthermia and frostbite in the same way humans do. By limiting time spent outdoors you can greatly improve your pets comfort. Look for signs like shivering and a weak pulse which indicate your pet has had enough and may be starting to suffer. Jumpers and coats aren’t just the latest pet fashion fad & can be ideal for keeping your dog warm during walks.


    Paws – If your dog goes on regular walks or your cat has free reign to come and go as it pleases, ensure paws are always wiped down and regularly cleaned. The salt that is used to help defrost ice on our roads can be extremely harmful and damaging to paws leading for them to become very sore and irritated. Regular cleaning will insure you have a happy, healthy pet.

    Provide plenty of water – Pets in winter require more energy to keep themselves warm. The more energy a pet burns staying warm generally the more water it needs to drink. Make sure your pets water bowl is always full which will ensure it can regulate its temperature to its optimum ability.

    Clean up Antifreeze – Antifreeze can be deadly especially to dogs who are attracted to its sweet smell and taste. Antifreeze is a highly toxic chemical and just 1-2 spoonfuls could prove fatal for your dog. Make sure you clean up any spillages right away and ensure your dog understands simple commands like ‘Leave.’ It could be the difference between life and death for your pet.

    Heaters – Both dogs and cats will look for heat sources during the winter. To ensure your pet suffers no unwanted burns this winter think carefully about the types of additional heaters you have in your home and how they can be pet (and child) proofed. If your cat curls round your open oil heater it’s going to lead to a very unhappy cat and leave a dent in your wallet. Why would it leave a dent in the wall?

    Cars – Warm engines, wheel arches and under cars can seem the ideal sleeping place for cats and wildlife alike. When you leave your house take a second to just check your car and give your bonnet a firm tap. Any animal that might be using your car for refuge will soon scarper and you’ll be able to get on with your day drama free.


    If you’re worried about your pet this winter you can obtain an online quote within 5 minutes  from us here: 

  2. 5 New or Up and Coming Technological Gadgets for Cat and Dog Owners:

    Owning a dog or a cat can be a bit like having a child. You love them unconditionally and want them to be safe and healthy. Luckily there have been some recent and exciting developments in technology which means that there are a number of gadgets available or in development stages that can help you give your pet the care and protection it needs. Whist good Pet Insurance will ensure that you are able to provide the best care for your pet if something should happen to them, the below gadgets could help you to take care of your pet and help to keep them as healthy and safe as possible:

    Pet Image


  3. Best apps for pet owners

    If you are an animal lover then you know that taking care of your pets takes time and dedication.  Luckily there are now a number of apps available to smartphone users that combined with the right Pet Insurance can help you give your furry companion the best care available.

    Pet Image


  4. Top Ten Cat Breeds in the UK

    If you’re thinking of getting a pet cat, there are many considerations to bear in mind – such as maintenance, health issues and pet cat insurance costs. However, the most important considerations will be the cat’s looks and character, so here we describe the UK’s top ten breeds.

    1. Persian Cat
    Well-known for its beautiful long coat, as a result the Persian does require more time grooming than other breeds. It comes in black, white, grey, orange and mixed colours.

    2. Siamese Cat
    With distinctive elegant bodies and posture, the Siamese craves attention and loves nothing more than being groomed and stroked.

    3. Maine Coon Cat
    One of the better-natured breeds of cat, the Mancoon is a good choice for children. Fun-loving and loyal, they shouldn’t cause problems with playful kids.

    4. Ragdoll
    Ragdolls are very gentle cats with medium-length hair. Their easy-going and affectionate nature is best kept indoors, as there are many threats outside to such an innocent cat.

    5. Burmese Cat
    This breed develops a strong bond with its owner and, like the Siamese, may become quite vocal if they are left alone for long periods.

    6. Manx Cat
    The Manx gets its adorable cuddly image from its rounded body and short tail. They are among the more social cats and have no problems around strangers.

    7. Siberian Cat
    In terms of temperament, this breed shares many characteristics with your typical dog – intelligent, loyal and affectionate. Coupled with its allergy-friendly fur, it makes a great choice for a family pet.

    8. Somali Cat
    Fluffy hair and a big bushy tail is the hallmark of this breed. They are curious, fun-loving and playful. They also require fairly little grooming because they tend not to shed very much.

    9. Russian Blue Cat
    This breed has a striking blue-grey coat and green eyes. They develop a strong bond with their owners but they aren’t great with strangers.

    10. American Bobtail Cat
    Named for their short tail that looks like it might have been docked, these cats have a cheery personality and short or long coats.

  5. Pet Pampering – Has it gone too Far?

    I recently read an article in the national press about Britain’s most pampered pooch. In case you don’t believe any of the following facts, you can Google the dog in question and check. His name is Prince and he’s a Chinese Crested.

    His owner spends over £250 per month on an incredible range of clothes, toys and other goodies. Prince has more than 200 different outfits to wear, and he has his own car seat and pushchair. He doesn’t even have to get his paws dirty when he goes for a “walk.” His daily routine includes: bubble bath with shampoo and conditioner; Clarins moisturising lotion; scrambled eggs for breakfast; lightly tossed fruit and vegetable salad for lunch; playtime with dozens of dog toys including a skateboard; gourmet dog biscuits for dinner and teeth brushed and flossed every night before bed.

    Now obviously this is what you’d call a worst case scenario and absolutely absurd excess, which the dog’s owner freely admits. But it’s becoming ever more common for animal lovers to splash out on beauty treatments, clothes, toys and other luxuries for their four-legged or feathered friends. The question is: Where do we draw the line?

    Personally I like to keep things simple. I’m a pretty straightforward guy – I like my hair short, my shoes shiny and my beer cold. Anything else is considered a luxury. In the same vein, my dog enjoys and requires very few creature comforts. His bed is cleaned regularly, he gets a bath every week whether he likes it or not, and he eats a healthy diet. That’s just how we like it, and just like back in ancient Sparta – we don’t need that many amenities to get by.

    My major concern is doing the right thing by my dog and taking care of his needs. I don’t do anything for him unless it’s necessary. He doesn’t need his coat a different colour, or his paws manicured. He doesn’t need to wear a daft-looking jacket or a camp doggy twin-set. He doesn’t need to eat lemon-sautéed sea bass. In my book there are only three necessities:

    1. Keep him clean. Not pristine, nothing over-the-top – just clean. Wash him and brush his coat regularly. Clean his teeth periodically. Keep him naturally hygienic.
    2. Feed him and exercise him well. I really think the greatest gift I can give my dog is a long and healthy life. The food he really loves sadly isn’t the best for him, so you have to focus on giving him what he needs, and a tasty cut of meat on special occasions.
    3. A good pet insurance  policy. This is vital, unless you’ve got more money than sense. My policy covers check-ups at the vet, any medical fees resulting from illness or injury, and other benefits like compensation if I’m taken in and need to put him in kennels. My policy is quite cheap, there are even better ones available.

    If you cover these three bases, you can’t go wrong. Anything else on top of that is up to you – but it’s definitely unnecessary. You may think that you’re doing your dog a favour with all of this pampering, but try to remember that your dog probably gets absolutely nothing out of it. Keep him healthy, and give him lots of affection – if you just do that, he’ll love you as much as he possibly can.

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