Today at 11:00am ET, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou took to the stage to reveal the brand new HTC One M8, a phone that is his words “takes the best Smartphone in the world and makes it better in every way”. The new HTC device seems to actually be called the ‘New One’or ‘HTC One (M8)’, which could make things slightly confusing, but considering the exciting upgrades, we are willing to forgive.




The new device is confirmed to be available on 230 carriers in over 100 countries. The device should be available to buy in the UK by the 10th April at the very latest and will be available for the same price as the current (or should we say old) HTC One and available in silver or gold.

The new HTC One M8 certainly looks impressive. It’s slightly taller and curvier than the original and has a darker metal look.  It has a ‘brushed, hairline’ and the lack of the polycarbonate “sidewall” means the device is almost all metal and glass. The power button is still on top of the large 5.6 ounce phone, but that hardly matters as you can unlock the screen by double tapping.

A dotted Lite Brite- like interface was rumoured, and with the use of the new holed case, it’s completely achievable. HTC revealed that by simply double tapping the phone with the case; you will be treated to the bright dotted notifications, time and weather display. You can still answer calls and respond to notifications without opening the case, so it’s a great excuse to case up!

The new HTC One has a slighly larger screen, increased from 4.7 inches, to 5inches. Although the screen size has increased, the screen resolution remains the same at 1080 x1920, so there is actually a slightly lower pixel density.

As far as specifications are concerned, the new device features a Snapdragon 801 processor, Micro SD card slot and a “Duo camera” as well as 2GB of RAM. It also comes complete with the new Sense Six, playfully referred to as ‘Sixth sense’. Although you don’t have to buy the new HTC One to be treated to Sense Six; the software will be updated on all HTC One devices this spring.

Perhaps the most exciting upgrade however is the increased battery life and performance. HTC claim that the battery performance is increased by up to 40%. That’s a pretty impressive improvement! There is also a “power saver” mode which will extend the battery life even further, and down the line there are plans for an “extreme power saving mode”.

Selfie fans will be in their element too as there are a number of cool camera gimmicks such as facial recognition and tagging and new camera switcher for different modes, allowing you to switch from Selfie mode, Camera mode and HTC’s ‘Zoe’ mode which makes cool little  videos by cutting to the beat of the music you choose.

There are a couple of funky built in apps, including the BlinkFeed, personalised newsreading app, that gives you a constant stream of things to read when you are in need of a distraction. Of course, the Boom sound was going to get a mention and sound lovers will be pleased to hear the audio is now 25% louder (even louder than on the HTC One!)

While there may be nothing completely ground breaking, the new HTC One M8 appears to have some pretty damn cool features and it looks pretty sleek too.

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