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  1. iPhone Through the ages: How much has it changed?

     It’s almost hard to believe there was ever a time before the Apple iPhone existed. There was however and this time was everything prior to June 2007.

    Since its launch, the iPhone has become a popular gadget in many households, and has become a life accessory rather than just a phone. The iPhone that we know and love today however isn’t how it all started out. The iPhone series has evolved over the last 8 years with a total of different 8 models being released and another due in just a matter of weeks. Below we take a look at the journey of the iPhone from the original to the much anticipated iPhone 6.


    iPhone (first generation)


    Origional iphone


    June 2007 “changed everything”, according to Apple. The revolutionary iPhone launched, and it was beautiful. The first generation iPhone was a revolutionary device and equipped with a multi-touch screen and only four physical buttons on the handset. Available in 4 GB or 8 GB, both models came with Wi-Fi, 128 MB of RAM and a 413mhz processor. The iPhone was a new concept, in that this device was an iPod, web browser and telephone all in one attractive little package. It was simple however compared to the iPhone of today. The headphone jack was recessed and the 2mpx camera was simple to say the least, in fact, it didn’t even support video. There was also no ability to send  multimedia messages such as photos or audio. Regardless of this, it was still a giant step in the right direction and people started to view their mobile as more than just a telephone device but instead as an everyday accessory.


  2. Top Tips for keeping your Gadgets Safe throughout the Festival Season

    The Festival season is upon us with Glastonbury  kicking off this week. Muddy fields,  tents and gadgets aren’t exactly matches made in heaven however.

    But if like many of us the thought of getting through a weekend festival without your iPhone or camera fills you with dread, then fear not as there are precautions you can take to protect your tech.

    Glastonbury Festival


  3. Three Smart phones that Help You Protect Your Mobile Data

    There are a number of risks associated with investing in a Smart phone; the obvious risk is that you may lose, damage or have your brand new gadget stolen, leaving you severely out of pocket. Luckily there is Gadget Insurance to protect you against that, and you can insure your Smart phone for as little as a few pounds a month.

    There is a more sinister risk however, and one that could be more damaging, and that is the risk of identity theft. Smartphone’s are a great invention; we can access our emails, social media sites, purchase goods and even check online banking. What this means however is that our Smart phone potentially holds a whole host of personal data.


    Mobile Data Security


  4. 5 Reasons why Family Gadget Insurance Could be Right For You

    According to an article in the Telegraph, the average Briton now owns a whopping 10 gadgets per person! If you live in a busy household then that is a lot of tech under one roof.

    You may be under the impression that some, if not all of these gadgets are covered by your Home Insurance, but restrictions do apply and claiming for a single lost or stolen gadget on your Home Insurance can mean a huge excess or a rise in monthly premiums, meaning it’s just not worth it. For advice on whether your gadgets are covered by your Home Insurance click here.

    Luckily there are other options. Protect Your Bubble’s specialist Family Gadget Insurance means that you are covered for far more eventualities that on your Home Insurance, including theft outside of the home, mechanical fault and worldwide cover. Gadget Insurance is always a great idea, but if you live in a busy household then our Family Gadget cover could be the perfect solution, below are 5 reasons why this could be the case:




  5. Christmas Gift Guide – The Best Novelty iPhone Covers and Cases

    i Phones are expensive and replacing them can be costly if you don’t have the right protection. Gadget Insurance is a great idea to make sure that your phone is covered against loss, theft accidental damage and more but damaging your phone even if you know you can get a replacement can be frustration. Luckily there are number of phone cases on the market that allow you to give your phone that little bit of extra protection and make it look great in the process. If you want to treat yourself or give a great gift to a Smartphone lover this Christmas then below are some of the cutest, sportiest and most glamorous novelty cases available on the market.

    Fun  and cute cases:

    Minion Minions Soft Silicone Phone Case Cover for iPhone 5 5s

    £4.99 from

    Minion case


    Despicable Me 2 has hit our shelves and now you can have your very own minion on the back of your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. This case is ever so cute and very affordable.


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