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  1. Hidden Gems of South England

    A couple of weeks ago I went for a bike ride on a sunny Saturday. July 2014 has been a pleasure for bike riders because there has been lovely warm weather and almost no rain.

    Bicycle 1

    Hampshire and Berkshire has some of the most scenic windy country lanes available offering breathtaking views and wonderful colours. Early summer presented rolling hills of yellow as the Oilseed Rape came into blossom and then came the 50 shades of Green for as far as the eye can see. As midsummer takes hold the surprising changing colours of the countryside settle and it is up to the rider to search for hidden no so obvious gems to occupy the mind.


  2. Win a Bicycle Accessories bundle including Garmin Cycle Computer and more

    We don’t just insure Bicycles, we are giving you the chance to WIN everything you need to kit yours out!

    We have a great Bicycle Accessories bundle to give away and it could be yours…

    To celebrate the 2014 London Bicycle Show this weekend, we are giving all our lovely Twitter followers the chance to win a fantastic bundle of Bicycle Accessories including a Garmin Edge 200 GPS Cycle computer, Lezyne Pressure Drive mini ABS pump, Lezyne Rap 13 Multi Tool and more.


    Cycling bundle prizes


  3. 5 Amazing Bicycle Rides in London

    London is certainly one of the world’s most beautiful cities and today it is more bicycle friendly than ever. Offering many different bicycle trails across the city, for those who enjoy cycling it is a simply amazing experience.

    The investment you made in your bicycle is worth protecting. Click to find out more information on bicycle insurance that will keep you on the roads and trails enjoying the great outdoors.

    Here are five amazing bicycle rides in London that are perfect for the biking enthusiast who wants to see many of the beautiful sights without having to use their vehicle:


    Bicycle Ride


  4. Motorists vs. Cyclists – An Issue of Safety

    A Motor driver friend of mine was recently involved in a collision with a cyclist. While I would hate to pass judgement on who was at fault, the fact of the matter is that in car and bicycle collisions, the bicycle rider is usually the more vulnerable of the two. Drivers are taught right from wrong on the road and are required to pass both a theory and practical test before they can drive unsupervised in the UK, yet cyclists can hit the roads from an early age and in most cases rely on common sense and the diligence of other motorists to avoid collisions. If the worse should happen and a cyclist is involved in a collision then for a number of reasons motor drivers are far more protected.



  5. Minimise the Risk of Bicycle Theft

    Given time and determination, there’s just no way to protect a bike from thieves. Risk of bicycle theft can be minimised but does not guarantee that it will not be stolen. If they want it, they are going to find a way of getting it. That’s why bicycle insurance is a good idea, especially for the more expensive rides. The thieves like high-value rides that are both easy to get to and easy to resell.

    A £1,000 ride leaned up against a wall in is a theft magnet no matter how well-traveled the area is. Whereas a cheap bike chained to something immoveable is going to be much safer no matter the neighborhood.

    Considering that bike thieves work with just a few tools – they do plan to ride your stolen bike away from the scene after all – making your ride a less likely target is not hard. Here’s a few tips to do that.

    Bicycle Thief (more…)

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